Joseph & Emerald Stephenson

In 2004 Andy Homer, Field Director of Open Bible Churches of Trinidad and Tobago, and Cecil Quamina, pastor of the San Fernando Open Bible Church, made contact with Joseph and Emerald Stephenson in London, England. Open Bible Churches of Trinidad and Tobago was interested in partnering with the Stephensons and their church congregation and outreaches.

The Stephensons are the founders and directors of Rapture Ministries, a charitable organization that provides outreach and ministry to street people, the homeless, the poor, hospitals and prisons. They have ten locations where they specifically go to minister to the homeless and poor. They provide food and clothing and some medical help. The Stephensons also pastor a church in London and oversee other outreaches.

In March 2006 the Board of International Ministries of Open Bible Churches U.S.A. approved the request for affiliation to Joseph and Emerald Stephenson.

Emerald Stephenson serves as the field director.