Angel and Vilma Diaz
El Salvador

El Salvador
In 1973 a group of ten pastors solicited fellowship with Open Bible. In July 1975 the Paul Canfield family arrived and received the pastors and churches. The following four years were spent organizing the existing churches and establishing the Open Bible incorporation. The Canfields returned to the States in 1979.

The ministry was nationalized in 1981 due to the civil war when it became necessary to evacuate American personnel. An astonishing spiritual harvest has been gathered in the midst of the hate and bitterness of war. A peace agreement was signed in 1992 in Mexico City.

The door once again opened for missionaries. Ralph and Ada Hernandez were appointed as missionaries to El Salvador in 1998. Their ministry centered at the Open Bible church in Santa Tecla, a suburb of San Salvador and in training pastors. The work was again turned over to the national leaders and in 2010 the Hernandezes returned to the States.

As of January of 2021, Open Bible has 13 churches with 483 members and 15 credentialed ministers. The MOVE construction team built a new church building in Santa Cruz Portillo in May 2002. Other new church buildings have been funded by various individual U.S. churches.

Angel Diaz was elected as president of Open Bible in 2010 and serves as the field director.