Oleksandr and Olga Rudynets

In 1998 a group of churches in Zhitomir contacted Open Bible to seek information regarding possible affiliation. Following a field-planning trip by Vince McCarty in November 1998, this group of churches was granted Open Bible affiliation. The group of churches is now led by Pastor Oleksandr Rudynets, pastor of the Open Bible church in Lutsk. The churches are also involved in humanitarian and benevolence outreaches.

INSTE Levels One and Two have been translated into Russian and initiated in Ukraine, directed by missionary Tammy Swailes. The first graduation of Level Two INSTE students (Russian) was celebrated in October 2008 with 22 graduates from four churches. The translation of INSTE into Ukrainian is also completed and some students are studying INSTE in Ukrainian. There are a total of 340 INSTE students in Ukraine. Missionary Tammy Swailes lives in Ukraine and serves as the INSTE director for Europe. She travels extensively in Ukraine to promote the program and train new leaders. She travels to Hungary, Romania, France, England, and Spain to oversee the INSTE programs in these countries. She has traveled to other European nations to meet with others interested in the INSTE program.

As of January of 2021, There are 19 churches with a total of 1,086 members and 187 credentialed ministers. A large headquarters church is being built in Lutsk.

The field director is Oleksandr Rudynets.