Claudia Santana
Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic
Missionaries Bill and Wanda Jimenez were deployed to the Dominican Republic in 1986, where they started the Open Bible work. The Jimenez family returned to the United States in May of 1991. In 1990 Jesus and Anna Vasquez were appointed as Harvestime missionaries to the Dominican Republic and arrived in May 1991. The Vasquez returned to the United States in August of 1993. The Open Bible work was not continued and the field was closed.

In March of 2005 new contacts were established. Currently there is a church in San Pedro de Macoris with an attendance of 131 people, and one credentialed minister. The U.S. MOVE construction team built a new church facility in San Pedro in January 2010.

The church in San Pedro conducts a weekly outreach to the poor of the community. In 2009 Women’s Ministries in the U.S. raised funds to build a feeding kitchen, which is now located next to the church. Food, clothing, and school supplies are provided for needy children.

Claudia Santana serves as the pastor and the field director.