Luis Pardo

Hugo and Rina Castro went to Argentina in 1961 as missionaries from their home in Chile. Through the years, a group of independent churches was formed. In June 1982 the group was affiliated with Open Bible Churches. Hugo Castro was granted National Missionary Appointment in October 1993.

Vince and Lois McCarty were appointed as missionaries in 1990. Their primary ministry was the development of Level Two INSTE. The McCartys also served as INSTE Directors for South America. They returned to the U.S. in June 1995 and the work was nationalized. In 2001, missionary Ed Daley arrived to assist Ruth Castro de Purat, then INSTE National Director, in the INSTE program. Due to the economic crisis, many of the INSTE students were unable to continue their studies. Because of this, Ed returned to the States in late 2002. Hugo Romero is the current INSTE National Director.

As of January of 2021, Open Bible has 191 churches with 26,990 members, 399 credentialed ministers, 1,173 INSTE students, feeding kitchens to feed the poor, orphanages, and radio and TV broadcasts.

Hugo Castro completed his time in leadership of Open Bible churches in Argentina and South America in 2011. Luis Pardo was elected as the new president for Open Bible in Argentina in 2011.