David and Rebecca Moreno

In 1937 Open Bible sent its first missionaries to Cuba, the Luther Adams family. Many other missionaries served in Cuba until the country came under communist control in 1959. The Open Bible Churches were nationalized when American personnel were forced to leave.

Open Bible has 75 churches with 16,000 members and 34 credentialed ministers. The INSTE program has 460 students. There are 600 house churches with as many as 100 people in each. A sovereign revival is taking place. Every church is expanding and many of the churches are involved in a building program.

Through the Adopt-A-Church program, the Cuban churches have been blessed with correspondence, prayer support, and some financial assistance from their sister churches in the U.S. The assistance with funds for food for the pastors has been invaluable. The Open Bible churches have adopted the motto "Cuba for Christ."

David Moreno Jr. is the field director