Juan and Adelina Velasquez

In 1975 Paul Canfield, then field director for Latin America, met with Antonio Texaj, a pastor whose congregation of Cachiquel Indians lives high in the mountains of Chimaltenango. The initial beginning of the Open Bible ministry was born out of the devastating earthquake on February 4, 1976. The Open Bible churches in the USA responded to the needs of the church in Chimaltenango by sending a block-making machine to rebuild their church that had been destroyed. A short time later Pastor Texaj and his congregation joined Open Bible Churches.

Pastor Texaj continued to faithfully lead the churches and works in Guatemala until his death in 1999. Adrian Ixcamey, pastor of the Open Bible Church in Sumpango, was then appointed as president and field director.

As of January of 2021, Open Bible has 20 churches throughout Guatemala, with 1,149 members and 19 ministers. No other country in Central America has experienced such revival.

INSTE was initiated in 1997 by Central America INSTE Director Juan Cruz and presently has over 200 students from several church denominations.

Juan Velasquez serves as the field director.