Daniel and Noemi Adams

In 1969 Don and Margaret Smith were appointed to establish a new work in Spain. Barcelona was selected as the central location. In 1971, Cuban refugees Rodolfo and Raquel Loyola settled in Madrid and began an Open Bible church there. The work has grown to 8 churches with 400 members and 9 credentialed ministers.

Dr. Leona Janzen Venditti was sent to Spain in 1981 to establish a discipleship and leadership-training program. She discovered it would be necessary to write the program. INSTE (Institute of Theology by Extension) was birthed. (See INSTE page.) Shortly after its inception there were 750 students, which made INSTE the largest evangelical training program in Spain and possibly in all of Europe. Vince and Lois McCarty were appointed to Spain in 1983 and spent six years assisting in the INSTE program. Currently, there are 513 students.

Nick Venditti, an American living in Spain, became a Christian and enrolled in the INSTE studies. He and Dr. Janzen were married in 1987. They returned to the States, where Nick earned a doctorate in missions degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. They continue to direct the INSTE program as it expands into other countries.

The field was nationalized in 1992. Daniel Adams is the field director.