Michael Gulyás

In 1979 Michael Gulyás, Mary, his wife, and their children moved to Debrecen. The Shalom Bible Churches started as a home prayer group in 1987 with a group of ten people. The prayer group requested recognition and registration at a State Church Office in 1987. Registration was finally granted in 1991. The Shalom Bible Church made its first public step in 1990, leaving the home church and meeting in a public building in Debrecen.

In February 1996 affiliation was granted with Open Bible Churches. There are 7 churches with 540 members and 7 credentialed ministers as of January of 2021.

Translation of Level One INSTE into Hungarian was started in 1996 and is now completed. Tammy Swailes was appointed in 1998 as Central/East Europe INSTE Director. Her first priority was to coordinate and direct the growth of INSTE in Hungary, Romania and Ukraine. Bethany Brandt joined Tammy in 2004 and assisted in the development of the INSTE program in Hungary. Bethany returned to the States in 2007. Mike and Nancy Juntunen were appointed in 2007 to assist Tammy Swailes in the expansion of INSTE in the Hungarian language in Hungary and then to the surrounding countries. Currently there are several groups and 25 students studying in Hungarian.

Michael Gulyás serves as the field director.