Emmanuel and Abigail Commey

Open Bible has 19 churches with 1,377 members and 13 credentialed ministers. INSTE was initiated in 2002 and there are currently 32 INSTE students.

The primary focus of the ministry is evangelistic campaigns. Hundreds respond to the gospel. A unique facet is the number of miracles and deliverances. Many are freed from the bondage of demon possession and demonic oppression. A healing center/campground property was purchased to minister to those who are set free.

Several self-help projects provide financial assistance to the pastors. They include carpentry and furniture making. The headquarters church is in Kumasi, the second largest city in Ghana. Open Bible Christian School (an elementary school) is located in Kumasi.

As of January of 2021, Open Bible has 31 churches with 1,880 members, 21 credentialed ministers, and 45 INSTE students.

Emmanuel Commey serves as the field director.