Esther Moon
South Korea

South Korea
In October 2006 the Korea Conservative Church Association, a covering organization which is recognized by the Korean government, approved the Korea Open Bible Churches registration. The Department of International Ministries, Open Bible Churches USA has recognized Esther Moon as the president and field director of the Korea Open Bible Churches. She is recognized for leadership abilities, the evident calling upon her life and her commitment to the Lord and to Open Bible Churches.

An office facility has been rented for the Open Bible national office and also serves as a chapel for the new pioneer church pastored by Esther Moon and Hwan Kyu Choi, her pastor. As of January of 2021, there are 4 churches with a total of 75 members have affiliated with the new Korea Open Bible Churches. There are 9 credentialed ministers.

Dr. David Shim has served as the official liaison between the Korea Open Bible Churches and the Department of International Ministries.

Esther Moon serves as field director.