Jose Luis Pizzaro

The Open Bible Churches were started by Hugo and Rina Castro as an outreach ministry of the work in Argentina. They were affiliated with Open Bible Churches in June 1982. The affect of the growth in number of evangelical Christians is unique. It has pressured the Catholic Church to change; there is a strong Catholic charismatic renewal movement.

As of January of 2021, Open Bible has 25 churches with 890 members and 45 credentialed ministers. Seven of the churches are located in Santiago, the capital city. Children’s feeding kitchens are operated in Temuco, Los Angeles, and Valparaiso.

Ralph and Ada Hernandez were appointed as missionaries in 1989. Through open air evangelistic campaigns the churches were strengthened. One of the most rapidly growing aspects of the work is the ministry to the Mapuchi Indians high in the Andes Mountains. In 1998 the work was nationalized and Ralph and Ada Hernandez were reappointed to El Salvador.

Jose Luis Pizzaro serves as the field director.