Global Harvest Offering

Rejuvenating Leaders - For Today and Tomorrow

The 2023 Global Harvest Offering will be used to sponsor our special conference for all our missionaries and the 47 field directors around the world.

Our missionaries, pastors, and other overseas leaders have faced some of the most challenging times in their lives and ministries because of the pandemic that hit our world in 2020 and 2021. Many are discouraged, lonely, and feeling hopeless. Like many pastors here in the U.S., they have lost people who never came back to their churches after the pandemic. They are now trying to find the way forward in this ever-changing world and culture in w hich we are now living.

We want to provide this special gathering before convention as well as the opportunity to participate in convention in order to "Rejuvenate" these dedicated leaders so they can be empowered to impact their own leaders and churches upon their return. This will afford them time to rest and soak in a fresh wave of the Holy Spirit like never before. In Isaiah 6:1-8, we read that the prophet had a supernatural encounter when he saw the Lord seated on the throne. His country and people, the Israelites, needed to reconnect with God and renew their covenant relationship with the Lord on high. Isaiah's lips were touched with a burning coal from the altar, which purified him and also rejuvenated him with power of the Holy Spirit. Afterward, when the Lord asked, "Who will go for us?" Isaiah volunteered, "Here I am. Send me."

We believe this special Rejuvenating Conference will inspire, encourage, and rejuvenate our missionaries and pastors from around the world. We are praying that every missionary and national leader will be touched by the Holy Spirit, just as Isaiah was, and that afterwards they will feel the empowerment, boldness, and conviction to move forward as they obey the calling God has placed upon their lives.

Thank you for partnering with us to host this monumental event. Together we can make an impact on Open Bible's work around the world. Please go to this link:

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