School of Global Leadership
SGL is a specialized missions training school for potential missionaries and young leaders with a Global vision. One of the main emphasis is on permission giving leadership which provides the student with the tools necessary to change their attitudes and behaviors from inward focus to outward focus. SGL provides both academic and hands-on training to individuals who have a heart for the world. The student will have cross-cultural opportunities to use their gifts so that their God-given dreams can become a reality. What is your dream?

Puente de Amistad
Our heart's desire for the people of Tijuana is that they come to know Jesus Christ as Lord, Savior, and friend. Toward that goal, we host groups of young people or adults who desire to make spiritual and physical differences in the lives of people in Tijuana. We believe that faith is an action and that it is easier and more effective to demonstrate the love of God than to attempt to explain it. We assist these groups in setting up meaningful ministry during their short-term stay.

INSTE Bible College
Inste Bible College (IBC) has been training future disciples, pastors, and leaders for more than 40 years. When you take the IBC courses you will find that it equips you to fulfill the calling of God upon your life. You will experience the warmth and vitality of being part of a group of people who share some of the same challenges and questions you have. Together you will build long lasting relationships and grow spiritually in the Biblical understanding of God's Word.

We can adapt your learning experience to your needs and provide you with a life changing atmosphere that can shape your future. The model IBC uses is based on relationships, a Hebrew model that incorporates learning to the rhythm of life of the church and the apprentice. IBC exists to train up God's people in discipleship, ministry, and leadership for the fulfillment of the Great Commission through excellent distance learning. IBC courses are also very affordable.

MOVE Ministries
MOVE Ministries is a ministry of Open Bible Churches. Our MOVE crews labor for Christ building churches and other ministry venues in areas as diverse as Central and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Papua New Guinea, and Mexico. Yet even as these men work on building these structures, God performs miracles in their hearts and lives as well.

Global Missions
Global Link Newsletter
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