Global Needs Update

The indigenous principle of missions is one of the main focuses of Global Missions. The primary objective of the indigenous principle is to develop and establish strong national church structures and related ministries overseas that become self-supporting, self-governing, and self-propagating; they become nationalized. The indigenous principle is the healthiest and most efficient way to establish missions work in any country.

As leadership gifting emerges, national men and women are selected and trained to lead the work in their own countries. The process of nationalization is a continually progressive undertaking that transfers responsibility to qualified leaders in the local constituency. During this process the parent body will progressively transfer responsibility in matters of leadership, administration, and finance.

A fraternal and mutually cooperative relationship continues to exist between the national and parent bodies for the purpose of advancing the kingdom of God and the ministries of Open Bible Churches.

Global Missions has championed the indigenous principle on all our fields throughout the years. After the nationalization process is complete, we continue to partner with our nationalized field for current special needs or projects they may have.

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